Bespoke staircases

A Couple facts about our staircases

At London Joinery, we believe that well-designed stairs can complete the look of the house and give it a new dimension. And with a range of styles and material options we provide, you will definitely find the right combination to jazz up your place.


No staircase will work as effectively as one specifically designed with your home in mind. At London Joinery, we never cut any corners and always make sure to craft a bespoke staircase that will meet all of your individual requirements. Our care for the end-product begins at the very beginning of the design process, even before we choose the materials. Those are always picked on the basis of their quality, and you can be certain that the wood and other materials we use for our staircases will never be of sub-par quality. The material is later handled by some of the most experienced workers in the field who know their craft in and out, ensuring that your staircase won’t simply be just another piece of furniture, but a piece of art. Measured with extreme precision, all bespoke staircases made by our specialists fit their respective areas like a glove. Finally, even though all this may sound unreal, it is definitely achievable, all thanks to the amazing level of technology our specialists have available in their workshops.


We take a great pride in our staircase solutions, each of which is custom-built and designed with client’s specific needs in mind. We have brought together a team of skilled engineers, creative designers, and – above all – people with passion for staircases in order to make most challenging projects come alive. From contemporary floating stairs, through to traditional wooden spirals, we have manufactured a wide range of staircases for both commercial as well as domestic clients. You can trust us, too!

Modern stairs

There is no better centrepiece in a contemporary house than a novel staircase that keeps up with the home décor. Our mission is to eradicate the mundane, to fantasise, to make a good staircase better.


Bespoke modern stairs



Whether you dream of a minimalist floating staircase or an extravagant zig-zag one, we believe we can help. The key is your personal taste – we will take care of the rest. Our modern staircases stand for:


  • a blend of materials for the best effect
  • compliance with building regulations
  • one-of-a-kind design that follows the latest trends


We believe that stairs should be more than a simple piece of furniture. That’s why we have been improving our techniques and designs ever since the inception of the company. So if you have special requirements in terms of engineering or design, we would be happy to take on the challenge.

Classic stairs

A traditional wooden staircase doesn’t have to be boring! At London Joinery, we do our utmost to show the world the new face of classic stairs. How do you think we are doing?


Bespoke classic stairs



What we love most about traditional wooden staircases is the fact that they are extremely versatile and they can fit like a glove into any property if well designed. All our traditional staircases guarantee:


  • a timeless and charming design
  • best quality materials
  • a fully bespoke design to suit the character of the house


All our classic stairs are manufactured in our workshop by a team of skilful engineers, which ensures a trouble-free production flow and precise quality control. Because a staircase should serve you for a lifetime!

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