Other bespoke joinery products

After years of providing quality services, we have gained the reputation of a pioneer in joinery and carpentry services. There are no jobs we wouldn’t take on and no needs we couldn’t meet.

Year after year we have extended our range of services and now we are happy to offer our clients more products than any other company in the industry. From mouldings on doors, through bespoke wardrobes, to quality wall cladding service and bespoke tv units, we can help you redesign your property. Our skills and experience benefit private homeowners, building and joinery companies, commercial properties, and heritage organisations.


We always strive to add a personal touch to every project in order to make your design unique.


Decking is one of the best ways to cover uneven ground or old and damaged concrete. It can also raise your outdoor space above damp ground, keeping it safe while giving it a stylish look. Spending your free time in the garden has never been this pleasant.


Decking London




At London Joinery, we offer a full design-and-install service. With our vast range of materials we are sure we will find a perfect match for your outdoor area:


  • timber decking for a warm and rustic look
  • eco-friendly UPM ProFi Deck for extra durability
  • timber, glass and aluminium balustrades


Our decking board are available in different colours and grades of wood, with a variety of finish that can transform gardens, balconies, and roof terraces into a magic place. Our decking services have proven perfect for domestic as well as commercial and trade projects.





Wall cladding

Decorative wall cladding can breathe life and vitality into any indoor or outdoor interior. Redesign your property with a vast range of vibrant materials and finishes in a variety of styles.


Cladding London




Wall cladding is a huge favourite with designers, architects and anyone who loves a stylish and original look. From wooden through metal to stone, all our wall panels are:


  • cost-effective and quick to install
  • available in a variety of styles
  • durable and easy to clean


Wallboards can be used to cover the entire wall or they can help you accentuate or frame specific features. They can be cut into any pattern, as creatively as your project requires. Give us a call today and let’s personalise your home. We can take it into any direction!




Mirror frames

Did you know that a mirror frame can bring new dynamic to your interior design? At London Joinery, we design and craft extraordinary mirror frames for reception areas, hotel rooms and private bathrooms.





We create bespoke frames in any shape, size or finish, from natural wood to ornate metallic. They are hand-made by our team of craftsmen exactly to your requirements. Our mirror frames mean:


  • a focal point of your room
  • a unique, high-quality design
  • a cost-effective way to redesign your property


If you feel like it is high time you tweaked the design of your house or office, choosing the right mirror frame is the way to go. Contact our customer service today to discuss your made-to-measure frame design.

Bespoke tables

Wooden dining tables are always beautiful to look at. At London Joinery, we believe that each bespoke table is a piece of art not only because of its design, but also because of high-quality wood we use for each and every piece of furniture.


Bespoke tables London




Our bespoke tables can be built in any style and any wood type to fit the design of your home. Handmade at our workshop, it will make your kitchen or dining room come to life. Our tables can be manufactured in:


  • any size to sit from two to twenty-two people
  • any shape from circular to rectangular
  • any material from wood, through glass to stone


All our bespoke tables are manufactured according to your preferences and the design you wish. With your ideas and our expertise, we can create a table that is ideal for any purpose, be that a family dinner or a business meeting.





Wooden bed frames

We believe that you deserve to sleep like a king. That’s why we strive to make our range of wooden bed frames practical as well as tasteful. Let us help you create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom.


Wooden bed frame London




Wooden bed frames work beautifully in traditional as well as contemporary decor. We boast a vast range of solid wood to cater for all needs, styles, and tastes. Our bed frames guarantee:


  • warm and homely feel
  • health benefits thanks to a slatted base
  • durability for years to come


Finding your perfect bed frame can be a challenge, but once you discover it, your bedroom will gain in elegance. Give us a call today and get yourself a bed frame that reflects your style and taste.





Bespoke skirting and mouldings

Achieving a professional finish can be challenging. At London Joinery, we know the tricks to make your property look complete. Let us show you what we mean with our bespoke skirting boards and mouldings.


Scurrtings London




We want our clients to forget about boring skirting boards and run-of-the-mill doors. That’s why we are offering bespoke services that can give any house, hotel or library an upscale feel. We can:


  • match the interior design of your property
  • recreate your existing skirting board or moulding
  • manufacture custom sizes, shapes, and lengths


We use high quality wood for all our skirting boards and door mouldings, which works wonders in any design, and guarantees a fresh look for years to come. Give your house the final touch that completes its unique style.

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