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A Couple facts about our cupboards

At London Joinery, we believe that cupboards can be much more than just a storage place. We strive to provide timeless bespoke cabinets that will give your property a ‘wow’ factor it deserves.


We provide a wide range of built-in and made-to-measure fitted furniture such as storage places, mirrored cabinets, or bathroom vanity units. Our team of expert designers will advise you on the best style and material to deliver a complete set of matching and long-lasting furniture.


Our creativity knows no limits. We can work around any shape of the wall, provide any thickness of shelves, or liven up your room with additional LED lightning. And once the job is done, we will hide all the cables in the cabinet to leave your space spotless.

Bathroom vanity

The bathroom should be your oasis, a place to unwind and relax. Thus, it is important to have it designed in a way that reflects your style. And since every detail counts, why not start from a bespoke vanity cabinet?






Whether you are a fan of traditional wood or fond of contemporary granite, we will help. We can provide a great variety of bathroom vanities, including:


  • painted en-suite vanity cabinets
  • modern floating cabinets with sit-on basin
  • vanity cabinets cladded in quartz


You won’t have to get rid of your existing washbasin. We will be happy to take the measures, and design a vanity cabinet to fit your basin as well as the space in your bathroom. New décor starts with little details.




For some cabinets are a necessity, for us there are works of art created for pleasure. At London Joinery, we have all the skills and expertise to make sure you get the most of your cabinet.





All our cabinets are made of materials sourced from the leading UK suppliers. Whether you choose laminated board, natural wood or MDF, you can be sure your new bespoke cabinet will amaze you with a perfect finish and will serve you for years to come. We can deliver anything you want:


  • sliding door cabinets for confined spaces
  • drawer runners for any load capacity
  • built-in compartments for jewellery


Whether you need to store old files, clothes, or children’s toys, our stylish and functional cabinets will give you all the space you need. Store your belongings with style!


Don’t we all just hate wasting space? At London Joinery, we know how to use all the available room to the last millimetre. As your family grows, you get more and more things to store and we understand that. With our smart solutions, worry no more.



Our team of designers can turn any leftover space into functional and classy storage solutions. Is the area under your stairs left unused? Here’s what we can do for you:


  • pull-out drawers with built-in shelves
  • made-to-measure cabinets
  • wall units finished to your specifications


No matter how small the storage place you need, we believe it should still be pleasing to the eye, manufactured with the best materials, and in harmony with the design of your property.




Mirror cabinet

Mirrored cabinets are now more in than ever before. They are particularly valued for the illusion of space they can create and the fancy look they add to any bathroom.




Mirrored cabinets are extremely clean-looking and, as an additional storage for your every day items, they can keep your bathroom both clutter-free and very fancy. Our mirrored cabinets are:


  • manufactured at our workshop to the highest standards
  • tweaked with additional lightning
  • crafted in any type of mirror to suit the style of your bathroom


Our team of designers can help you visualise the concept of your new cabinet and show you how it fits into your bathroom. Redesigning your bathroom has never been this easy!

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