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Large, flat-screen TVs have become the norm. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a living room without a television set, and oftentimes, they have even replaced the fireplace as the main centrepiece of the room. It goes without saying, then, that properly displaying it has become increasingly important. With our help, you can get a practical, aesthetically pleasant solution for all your TV needs.


London Joinery offers a robust bespoke TV unit service. With our help, you can find an ideal option that will enhance the look of any room. Our TV units will serve as the ideal frame to your television set, and you can customise the rest of the piece at will. Whether you want to add cupboards and cabinets for storage and other things like book display, or would rather just keep it simple and clean so that nothing distracts you from your TV, you can count on us to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

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