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A Couple facts about our wardrobes

No bedroom should be without a wardrobe, and no wardrobe should be without style. At London Joinery, we understand that completing the design of your room may be tricky – the perfect bespoke wardrobe needs to fit within the available space, provide enough storage, and look appealing. Now, is that possible? We say „yes” and we never settle for any trade-off.


All our wardrobes are made-to-measure using the best materials sourced from all over the UK and also worldwide. They can be built as wide as needed and with a great choice of storage options. So whether you dream of a built-in or walk-in wardrobe, in traditional wood or covered with contemporary fabric, we will make sure you get what you want.

Built-in wardrobe

At London Joinery, we understand that every space is different. That’s why we provide the widest range of fitted wardrobes to help you redesign your bedroom and store all your belongings in a clutter-free way.


Built in wardrobe realization



Fitting a wardrobe in a bedroom is one thing. Making it stand out is a whole new challenge. London Joinery uses quality materials and finishes from the best Italian and British suppliers to make sure your new bespoke wardrobe works beautifully for you. Our built-in wardrobes offer:


  • sliding or hinged doors
  • a great number of storage options
  • design that is in the same style as the rest of the furniture


Fitted wardrobes are especially valued where space is at premium. We can manufacture your dream wardrobe to virtually any size, in any colour and fit the doors with a soft close mechanism. The sky is the limit


Modern wardrobe

The wardrobe is often the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, and many want it to be the “focal point”. At London Joinery, we strive to produce wardrobes that are ahead of time, eye-catching, and iconic.


Modern wardrobe London


There are really no limits when it comes to materials we can use. Whether your bedroom cries for a high-gloss modern fitted wardrobe or one with fabric-panelled doors, we will go the ends of the earth to get it done. All our modern fitted wardrobes entail:


  • contemporary materials such as glass, fabric or steel
  • finished to your individual specifications
  • Italian style and German quality


We believe that you know best what suits your home. That’s why we welcome any ideas you may have. Alternatively, you can ask our designers for help or get inspired with our range of ready projects.

Walk-in wardrobe

Is there anyone who has never dreamt of a walk-in wardrobe? We want it all and we want it bespoke, grand and luxurious. London Joinery comes to the rescue, tailoring walk-in wardrobes to clients’ exact needs.


Walk-in wardrobe



Our team of expert designers and engineers will work closely with you to make sure all the pieces are well-considered and pleasing to the eye. Our walk-in wardrobes mean:



  • a fully functional design
  • equipped with drawers, shelves, racks etc.
  • crafted in best quality wood and veneers


Thanks to an individual carcass system, we can guarantee perfect design flexibility, so just say what is on your mind and we will do the magic. Last but not least, we can also measure your clothes to make sure your new wardrobe is a perfect fit for them.

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